The Importance of Ethics in the Workplace

Business Ethics

The Importance of Ethics in the Workplace

James: Hi, my name is James Kelley and I’m a partner with The Rowland Group. 

Stefanie: Hi, my name is Stefanie Pitt and I’m a finance and accounting recruitment manager here at The Rowland Group. 

James: And we’re here today to talk to you about the importance of business ethics in the workplace. 

Stefanie: So James, why are ethics importance in business?

James: Well, I think they are very important in the workplace because they allow for employees to all be on the same page. When you’ve got a team that’s on the same page and you’re confident that they are going to be doing the right thing all the time, then it’s nice to then be able to focus on long term objectives from a management perspective. One of the other big pieces is having open communication and an open culture. I think that really allows for people to come and talk to a manager or come and talk to a teammate if they are in some kind of an ethical dilemma. I think that really helps vocalize and helps give people ideas to overcome those objections. 

James: So Stefanie, how would you describe our culture here at The Rowland Group? 

Stefanie: So James, our culture really starts at the recruitment process. I like how you mentioned a lot about how important it is for companies to have open communication and really feel like every employee is valued. For us that starts in the recruitment process. We really strive to find people that bring something different to the table, but also operate under the same core values of quality, integrity and performance, which are our core values that are instilled in us when we start. On top of all of that, I think we do exude a culture of open communication and value for each employee. I know every time that I have an issue I can go to you, I can go to our president, and I can go to our owners. That’s really important for people to really feel valued and for people to really want to work hard at what we do. And I hope that also exudes to our clients and our candidates. 

James: Absolutely, and especially in an environment where we have multiple people who meet with the same clients. They are getting that from everybody on the team. So I’m sure it gives them a good understanding and value that everyone is on the same page there. 

Stefanie: Exactly!