Leader 2 Leader: Tips for managing stress

Leader 2 Leader: Tips for managing stress

In this week’s Leader 2 Leader article, Lynn Flinn, president of The Rowland Group, is asked about how to manage stress by Jonni Taylor, owner of Balanced Pilates of Tulsa

Managing stress is very important 

Lynn begins her response by noting that stress is never the same for every person and that it manifests itself in different ways. Some people will even thrive in stressful situations while others will collapse. The most important key to stress is knowing what type of situations can cause stress and how you are prone to respond when under stress. Having this knowledge ahead of time can help you to treat and reduce stress when needed. 

Tips for managing stress

Lynn suggests several key tips for how to handle stress in the moment. Take deep breathes. Slow your breathing. Force yourself to slow down. Take a walk. Do something active. Meditate or take a break. 

Don’t allow stress to spread

For some people, stress can get worse and worse without giving it the proper attention or treatment. Stress that is not addressed can lead to serious health and mental problems. Lynn suggests taking the time to intentionally prevent stress by scheduling regular stress-relieving opportunities. She advises to schedule a time of rest or fun, remove yourself from the stressful situation for a short period, and set boundaries to help you keep your composure.

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