Leader 2 Leader: Team Building

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Leader 2 Leader: Team Building

In this week’s L2L article, Lynn is joined by Carla Grogg, the co-owner of Grogg’s Green Barn Garden Center of Tulsa, where she is asked about her thoughts on team-building.

Team building helps build relationships 

Lynn begins by noting that team building outside the office provides valuable time for socialization that workers may not usually experience in the workplace. In many settings, workers are too busy during the day to get to know their co-workers. Thus, setting aside intentional time to interact through activities can aid to building stronger relationships with others in the office. 

Team building breaks down generational walls

With the later retirements of baby boomers, the workplace is becoming more multi-generational. Thus, it is crucial to have activities for building communication and relationships between generations. Lynn notes that millennials are very social while older generations may not be.  

Choose events that are inclusive 

Lynn notes that when choosing an event, it’s best to select an activity in which everyone can be included. Lynn notes, “Leaving some people out of activities is not team building. Consider whether the activity is suitable for all people to participate and determine whether to hire an outside facilitator and what venues will work best.” 

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