Leader 2 Leader: Job Transitions


Leader 2 Leader: Job Transitions

Have you ever been let go? Or have you struggled with what to do when you move to a new job? 

Trying to find a new job or transitioning to a new job can often be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. 

In this week’s Leader 2 Leader article, Lynn Flinn is joined by Ed Miller, program director at Overcoming Job Transition, a non-profit group in Tulsa that helps assist individuals with career transitions. 

Ed begins by asking Lynn, “What are your thoughts related to cultivating, communicating, and concentrating during job transitions?”

Cultivating Relationships

Lynn begins her response by detailing the importance of networking and reaching out to others in your circle. Don’t be afraid to ask others for who you should talk to. Some of the best job opportunities come from connections with people you know are in your field or friend circle. Lynn suggests that while you are searching for a new job, you can also use your time to serve or volunteer at non-profits, or join groups that can help you find jobs. By meeting new people, you can build your network. And by volunteering, you can use your time to help others! 

Lynn writes, “Do whatever puts you in front of people, whether that means taking a short-term job or volunteering your time. One thing is guaranteed — staying home and doing nothing will not lead to the next opportunity.” 

Key Tip: It can also be helpful to reach out to your local recruiters. Sometimes they know about jobs or openings before they are advertised. 

Communicate Your Skills

You’ve probably heard of the term, “elevator speech.” Lynn notes that when looking for a job or networking, it’s crucial for you to be able to tell others about your experience and skill set in less than 30 seconds just like you are in a short ride on an elevator. Summarize what you do in 3 sentences and keep your pitch simple and to the point. If people want more information, they will ask. 

Listen and Learn

Lynn also shares that if you have time, do your best to sharpen your skills. Take an online course, watch some tutorial videos, attend a seminar or training event, listen to podcasts, read a book about your field – do anything you can to grow your skill set and make yourself more valuable. 

Lynn notes, “Keep listening and learning. It may lead you in a direction you had not thought to consider. It may lead to a job opportunity.” 

For Help

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