Leader 2 Leader: Innovation in Customer Service

Leader 2 Leader: Innovation in Customer Service

In this week’s Leader 2 Leader article the Rowland Group president Lynn Flinn is joined by Kathy Duck, the executive director of the Tulsa Small Business Connection with the Tulsa Regional Chamber

Kathy begins by commenting about small-business innovation and the value of new ideas and then asks Lynn how companies can encourage their employees to continue to grow in their customer service innovation. Here are some of Lynn’s suggestions on how a business can innovate in their customer service efforts:

Setting Boundaries

Lynn begins by suggesting that you set some healthy boundaries for what you can “give away” or credit to the customer. This will allow the customer service representatives to have some room to negotiate and make the customer feel valued. 

Immediate Care

Lynn then advises that a customer’s needs be handled immediately if possible. Transferring an upset or angry client to another person could escalate the situation and make them feel unimportant. However, taking care of their needs as much as possible right away will help them feel valued and that their needs are cared for. 

Team-Based Customer Service

Moving to a team-based customer service is becoming more and more popular, especially in restaurants. This can help the customers feel like they always have eyes on them and that their needs will be taken care of immediately by the first person to see it. 

Problem Solvers 

Hiring people that are great at problem solving on the fly is really important. Instead of always following a script or training, good customer service can mean thinking outside of the box and going about and beyond to serve. Problem solving customer service agents that try multiple methods of resolving issues will help aid in making the customer feel important. 

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