Leader 2 Leader Article: When Mistakes Happen

Leader 2 Leader Article: When Mistakes Happen

In the Leader 2 Leader article from this past week, The Rowland Group president Lynn Flinn addresses the important topic of handling mistakes. She is joined in her article by Weldon Bowman, the owner of W Design, an architecture and interior design firm in Tulsa.

How to look at mistakes

In the beginning of the article, Lynn addresses some of the key parts to handling mistakes. The first key is accepting that mistakes are bound to happen, and when they do, we must look at them as opportunities to grow and learn.

The second key that Lynn notes is that mistakes that repeat themselves are the most dangerous. While some mistakes should be tolerated, eventually we must all draw the line somewhere. Repeated mistakes are often the most costly and can be very detrimental to an organization.

A few lessons learned

Further into the article, Lynn reveals some of her greatest lessons from mistakes:

  • An extra set of eyes is crucial when the outcome of a project or plan is critical – this can help to prevent mistakes.
  • It is important to hire or surround yourself with people who have a tendency to be detail oriented or are gifted with the aim for accuracy.
  • Recurring mistakes can often cause the most frustration.

Preventing recurring mistakes

Lynn also notes that recurring mistakes can be prevented by constantly asking questions and examining your processes. If you train yourself or your team to debrief after a mistake is made, then you can pin-point the problem and fix any issues. If a mistake is made and it is simply ignored, bad habits can develop and problems could escalate.

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