Hiring Predictions for 2018

Hiring Predictions for 2018

The Rowland Group president Lynn Flinn was recently interviewed by the Tulsa World newspaper on how the economy and industry will perform in 2018. She was specifically asked to respond and give some insight on the potential hiring trends for the upcoming year. 

2018 will be a strong year

With the growth of the economy comes growth in business and jobs. Lynn commented, “The energy industry will see more growth this year than in the last three years. Hiring will be in strong demand, and there will be a shortage of talent.” 

The more that the price of oil barrels continues to climb, the more that jobs in the energy industry will grow. 

Baby Boomers will affect hiring 

With many baby boomers working past the age of 65, the retiring boomers will impact the need for hiring and fast-track training. The demand for experienced employees will start to go up as boomers retire. This will lead to accelerated training for many younger workers. 

Healthcare shortage

Healthcare will experience a shortage of skilled employees. There will need to be an emphasis of recruiting and training to keep up with the healthcare industry. In addition, as technology advances, many of these medical workers will need to have a background and schooling in areas of medical technology. 

Manufacturing needs

As the economy booms, manufacturing will increase and there will be a growth in building and mechanical parts. “Manufacturing is already experiencing backlogs on orders and cannot keep up with the demands. More talent is also needed within this sector.”

Hire early, offer competitive compensation

If companies are hiring, they should start early and provide a competitive compensation package. The top talent in the industry will be willing to move if offered a deal they can’t pass up. In addition, as the presence of millennials grow in the workplace, there will need to be a greater sense of urgency in attracting young talent. 

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