How to Set Goals and Be Accountable

How to Set Goals and Be Accountable


Lynn: Hi! This is Lynn Flinn at The Rowland Group

James: And I’m James Kelley.

Lynn: Well, this year, we thought we would kick off our year by setting some goals. You know, to us, goal setting is a pretty big deal. Don’t you think?

James: It is, and we intend to set goals every year. Sometimes they just fall short.

Lynn: Yeah. And we started thinking about that. Like, how can we do a better job? Under the research I studied was, you need to write down your goals. You need to tell somebody you made that goal. And here’s the most important piece: you need to be accountable.

James: Absolutely.

Lynn: So, this year, we thought it would be kinda fun if we set up some accountability groups. And that’s what we did.

James: Yeah. So we’ve broken up in the company several groups, and everybody’s made their goals–some personal, but mostly business goals–and then we’ve divided those up into groups. Not with a supervisor, but more peer to peer to keep each other accountable. Because everybody knows that when you have a goal that you want to hit, you have to have certain steps in place that are specifics, that will you get you to that end goal. Kinda like, I don’t know, personally, weight loss, right?

Lynn: Right.

James: You have to know, OK, you can’t just wake up and say, “I’m going to lose weight,” and then that’s it. And then never think about it again. You have to have a plan. Are you going to go to the gym? Are you going to eat healthier? Those are all things that go into it. And the more detailed you can be, the better it is and easier it is to be accountable.

Lynn: Is that why I see you going to the gym and drinking those protein shakes all the time? 

James: Yes! Yes. And working out is a great stress reliever! (Laughs)

Lynn: Yeah, yeah! So, I mean, I think that one of the things we just challenge, you know, people on our team–and we challenge you, too–is, think about if you haven’t been successful in achieving a goal, well why? You know, what is it that you haven’t gotten in place? Did you not write it down? Did you not make it measurable enough? Did you not, maybe, have an accountability partner or partners? Or did you just not have a plan for how you were going to achieve that goal step by step? And then, results, you know?

James: Yeah, results are key, too, because you want to look at them. Even if you fell a little bit short of the goal, but you did have some results, well maybe that just means that some of the steps that you took to make your goal weren’t high enough. And even if you did hit the goal, and you’ve made that success, then what do you do next? Well, you’d want to set another goal and continue to look at those results.

Lynn: Exactly. So, have a great year and set some goals, and march down that road and figure out how you’re going to achieve them!