Christmas Vacation Holiday Party

Christmas Vacation Holiday Party

Our Tulsa office spent an afternoon out at Circle Cinema recreating the classic Christmas film, Christmas Vacation. We asked our staff to dress up as their favorite character and MAN did we get some good results! Below are just a few highlights. Our people really know how to take it to the next level. Prizes for best costumes included a Jelly of the Month Club certificate (complete with 12 jars of jam), a gift certificate for a turkey and official moose mugs! We had the film on in the background, enjoyed eggnog, had a hilarious gift exchange and even got some delicious food from Mr. Nice Guy’s Food Truck.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the party! Head over to our Facebook page for even more!


This is our whole group! (Notice Cousin Eddie on the left and in the back!)

Margo and Mary

The annoyed neighbor, Margo, and the salesgirl, Mary. P.S. That’s our president, Lynn Flinn, on the left! 

Clark and Ellen on Christmas night

Clark and Ellen on Christmas night…remember when the squirrel gets loose inside and Clark loses his cool? 

uncle Lewis

Uncle Lewis – after the tree/cat burning incident!

mr and mrs shirley

Mr. & Mrs. Shirley, aka Don & Debbie Rowland!