The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Our story of community service 

Hi, This Lynn Flinn, president at The Rowland Group and today I just want to talk a little bit about community service and corporate social responsibility.

I want to tell a little story about The Rowland Group and illustrate how we got involved in a particular service initiative that we did here with our program TeachReachGive. How it started was, one day I was driving to work, listening to the radio, and hearing all the stories about what’s going on with education and how bad things are. I thought to myself, “Well, what are you doing?” And sadly, my answer was, “nothing.”

As I got closer to my office, I looked across the street and I saw Roy Clark Elementary school. I thought, “I’ve never even stepped foot in the school building.” So I picked up the phone and called and got a hold of the community liaison there and ultimately, the principal. The liaison and I sat down and talked and thought, “How can The Rowland Group get involved to help mentor students at Roy Clark Elementary?”

Next thing I know, they have got their choir coming over from the school to sing carols to our team. Our team, of course, fell in love with the kids and said, “Alright, we’re in. What can we do to help Roy Clark?”

Next thing we knew, we would go over weekly to mentor and talk with the kids. We help them with reading. We help them with math. But more than that, we’re just there to be a listening ear.

So that’s just one story of how we’ve made a difference at that school. The teachers and the principal have said that the kids have better attitudes, they are excited when the mentors are coming, and they see them changing in their behaviors.

Maybe one day, something we said will click and somebody will do more. We’ve all been enriched by mentors in our lives and we just want to give back and see results in the future for these kids.

Why invest in corporate social responsibility?

So that’s just something I wanted to share, but what I also really wanted to say is, “What are the benefits to any company to do this? Why should you invest your time and energies into something with corporate social responsibility?”

CSR helps recruit top talent

Well, some of the things I’ve seen if you go, and we work with so many different companies, is that it’s a recruiting resource, for millennials in particular. They want to see their companies do more than what they just do as a business. They want to see them be involved in the community. So for recruiting top talent, they want to see you active in the community.

CSR helps build your team

It’s been a huge impact on our team to be involved {together}. We talk with each other about our kids. We’re all invested as a group beyond something that we do as work. It’s something that matters to us as a passion that we have to help in our community.

CSR builds leadership

Also, it’s about having a leadership development opportunity sometimes. I think when you’re involved in community service, sometimes it stretches you and makes you do things that are out of your comfort zone. Walking up to a kid and having to confront something. Or maybe you’re taking on a leadership role in some type of community involvement. That’s a huge thing to give you some real confidence in your leadership abilities that can impact you at work as well.

CSR contributes to tenure and loyalty

It also causes people to want to stay in their company. You can retain people more when they feel like they are invested in their company beyond just the work, but they really care about the company and how they get involved in things.  

CSR creates healthier employees

And also, I think that giving back to the community, if you look at the statistics, it shows that people who volunteer and help, they are healthier and more productive in life. Those are the kind of people that you want in your company.

CSR is free public relations and networking

And also, frankly, it’s free positive networking and positive public relations about your company to be out there doing something in the community besides just what you sell to someone. You’re actually investing in your own communities. 

Take action

So those are all the benefits that I’ve seen. I’d encourage anybody to just get involved in corporate social responsibility, community service, and do something. Walk across the street from where you are and ask, “How can I help? How can I get involved and help another organization?” Do something that you’re passionate about. Pick something that your team wants to do together.

So I hope that helps out and that you take and that you take some action to get involved in the community if you aren’t already. And even if you are, maybe there’s a new initiative. Maybe you need to freshen it up and do something different. Get out there, shake it up, and get the team involved! Ask them, “What do you guys want to do?” This is going to benefit your company, I promise you.