ASA Cares Video on Corporate Social Responsibility

ASA Cares Video on Corporate Social Responsibility

The Rowland Group was recently honored to participate in a short video on behalf of the American Staffing Association’s Cares Month. 


Transcription is below:

“Hi this is Lynn Flynn, president of The Rowland Group and this month is ASA Cares month. So I’d like to talk a little bit about corporate social responsibility and how you can get involved in your company and offer maybe a little advice on that. 

We were fortunate at The Rowland Group to win an ASA Care award last year. And it really started with us getting involved and starting an initiative called Teach Reach Give.

What we did was we started looking in our own neighborhood, right across the street, at a school called Roy Clark Elementary. We decided that we would go and help mentor kids there and we would just spend our lunch hours and try to go and help with the kids at the school. 

Anybody can do what we’ve done. It’s just a matter of looking across the street. If you’re a staffing company, what’s across the street from you? Is there a senior living community, or a school, or another non-profit where you can get involved and spend your lunch hours on something worth while in your community? 

Just start an initiative that all your employees can get involved in. 

So let’s celebrate corporate social responsibility and ASA Cares month and get involved.”